Billet Construction Services CC (BCS) was established in 2009 by Nick Lockett and Carey Roberts. With their vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry, BCS offer the highest quality construction services within South Africa.

At BCS we take pride in our reputable name and our status within the industry. We aim to become and remain a well-known and respected influence in the construction industry, raising our own standards with every build, to create your perfect space.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals are committed to providing our clientele with the best possible end product in a timeous and stress-free manner, adhering to all deadlines while maintaining only the highest level of quality. We guarantee that the journey we travel with our clients will be given the attention to detail that it deserves.


When BCS was established in 2009 it was with the aim of becoming an influential and trusted name in the construction industry. The managing members prefer a hands-on approach in the day-to -day running of projects, and, unlike many in the construction industry, they are very involved and active on site. At BCS we acknowledge that every project is unique, and treat each one with impeccable attention to detail, and the dedication that it deserves. We surround ourselves with only the best and most experienced staff in the industry, giving each site its own dedicated team helps to  ensure that each project meets all deadlines while still maintaining a high level of quality. Fantastic customer service during and post-completion accompanied with quick issue resolving is one of the reasons that BCS has developed such a high esteemed name within the industry. We offer a truly personalised building experience and walk every step of the journey by our client’s side.


At BCS, we value integrity and honesty beyond all other qualities, both internally and with clients, professional teams, suppliers and subcontractors. We believe that an open and honest approach driven by our morals and principles, is key to providing the best service, and therefore producing the best end product. Our close-knit teams work together, support each other help one another whenever possible. We ensure that all our projects are built to high standards, with high-quality finishes. We aim to always go above and beyond the construction norm and our biggest desire is to exceed all our client’s expectations and go further than any other construction company in our industry.


To give each of our projects the necessary focus they deserve, we ensure that our dedicated team of professionals have the personal traits and proven expertise to compliment each individual style of project.

On site, a full-time construction manager monitors and manages the day-to-day activities co-ordinating with suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring health and safety compliancy, keeping the project on programme and corresponding with the professional team. A project manager is also allocated to each project and is responsible for managing all the financial aspects of the project, corresponding with the professional teams, as well as overseeing every step of the project while  constantly working with the construction managers.